General Maintenance

General Plumbing Maintenance

Waking up to no hot water is not much fun….. The solution could be as simple as a new thermostat or element replacement. If your unit has seen better days and requires replacement, Andrew Evans Plumbing can do same day replacements or install one of their loan units while you wait for your new unit to be delivered – “Andrew Evans Plumbing won’t leave you without Hot Water”.

Blocked drains in your house? Andrew Evans Plumbing can clear these with one of their four drain machines or two Hydro Jets.

Preventable Maintenance

Do you have a problem each year with tree roots getting into your drains and blocking them up? Do your stormwater drains always block at the first rains? Andrew Evans Plumbing can clear these with their Hydro Jet machine.

Do you have a Solar Hot Water Unit? Correct maintenance on Solar Hot Water Units is very important for its safe and efficient operation.

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